HP 932XL/933XL Compatible Ink Cartridges



HP 932XL/933XL compatible ink cartridges from JARBO help you get excellent prints both at home and in the office. You are guaranteed clean and crisp text & bright and vivid pictures. It holds an ISO9001 certification along with rigorous quality control testing that ensures 100% compatibility of JARBO's fully compatible ink & toner cartridges. The MSDS certificate has been approved for the safety and protection of users and printers. There are hundreds of hours of testing and years of engineering experience behind each JARBO cartridge, which will provide customers with an amazing printing experience.

    HP 932 cartridge


    Ø  A dynamic and smooth printing process offering clear and legible text.

    Ø  The ability to deliver durable color photos that resist fading and last a long time. 

    Ø  Wonderfully reliable, more pages, and amazing value, with up to 825 pages per color cartridge (5% coverage).

    Ø  Compatible with HP printer models & more than suitable for any printing operation.

    Ø  Easy to install with highly pleasurable results every time.

    Ø  Certified by the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality systems management (meaning that all products meet the highest quality and safety standards on the market).

    Installation Method 


    Step 1: Make sure that the ink cartridge remains right side up

    Step 2: Hold the cartridge firmly and remove the lid


    Package Information

    Type 1:  1 Yellow/1 Magenta/1 Cyan Compatible Ink Cartridge/An Instruction Manual

    Type 2:  1 Yellow/1 Magenta/1 Cyan/1 Black Compatible Ink Cartridge/An Instruction Manual

    Type 3:  1 Yellow/1 Magenta/1 Cyan/2 Black Compatible Ink Cartridges/An Instruction Manual