HP 85A/CE285A Fully Compatible Toner Cartridges



JARBO's HP 85A/CE285A fully compatible toner cartridges are easy to use and install, they in many ways rival and exceed the quality offered by the original manufacturer. This replacement is manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 Quality Standards. JARBO's fully compatible toner cartridge is specially designed to offer the highest quality toner, which offers consistent, long-lasting, reliable, quality results. Users will faithfully receive crystal clear text, bold black colors, and eye-popping graphics that are clear and vivid. Compared with similar products, JARBO's toner cartridge can print more pages. JARBO is a great choice economically for both printing at home and professional-grade presentations.

hp 85a


Ø  A dynamic and smooth printing process offering clear and legible text.

Ø  The ability to deliver durable color photos that resist fading and last a long time. 

Ø  Wonderfully reliable, more pages, and amazing value, up to 1,600 pages per cartridge (5% coverage).

Ø  Compatible with HP printer models & more than suitable for any printing operation.

Ø  Easy to install with highly pleasurable results every time.

Ø  Certified by the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality systems management (meaning that all products meet the highest quality and safety standards on the market).


Installation Method

Step 1: Shake the toner cartridge vigorously 4-5 times

Step 2: Take off the black film cover

Step 3: Take off the sealing tape slowly

Step 4: Insert the toner cartridge into the printer


Package Information

2 Black Toner Cartridges/An Instruction Manual