How To Find The Right Ink Cartridge


With in the Jarbo website, there are many ways to find suitable printer ink cartridges, the details are as follows:


1. Using the search navigation tool (Ink and Toner Finder) on the Jarbo website home page.


ink cartridges


Start by selecting the brand of printer, then select the ink cartridge model or enter the printer model, finally click the search button to navigate to the product that meets your needs.


2. Using the filter options in the product category.

Using the filter options in the product category area to find the product you need:


Selecting the brand of your printer in the navigation bar.

After selecting the brand, you will find the filter box on the left.


Ticking the correct category and ink cartridge model, and the corresponding cartridge product will appear on the right (you can also directly enter the printer model).


3. Using the website's search box.


ink cartridges 2


You could directly enter the printer model or ink cartridge/toner model (in the box shown in the picture) then click the search query button.


4. At any time, you can directly contact the Jarbo online customer service team.

 When you contact us, please be prepared to give us the following information; the country you would like to have the product shipped to, the brand of printer, and the printer model. After we receive this information, we will promptly select the ink cartridge/toner cartridge suitable for your product and reply to you. Even if you do not have all the information regarding your printer, still feel free to contact us, and we will, work to find a solution that best meets your needs.


Jarbo welcomes you, to the best in printing. It is our pleasure to make ourselves available for all of your printing needs.

Please let us at Jarbo serve you.