HP 61XL Replacement Ink Cartridges



The HP 61XL chip within the Jarbo replacement ink cartridge has been developed by the Jarbo R&D team, with instant matching and fast identification functions, which make them perfectly compatible with HP printers. The printed colors are natural and durable. It can print bright colors, offer smudge-free text, and it delivers consistent high-quality images. Each JARBO replacement ink cartridge is securely packaged and placed in a sealed plastic bag to ensure safety during transit. We strive to make printing high-quality vivid images easy and accessible to all.

hp 61 ink


Ø  A dynamic and smooth printing process offering clear and legible text.

Ø  The ability to deliver durable color photos that resist fading and last a long time.

Ø  Wonderfully reliable, more pages, and amazing value, with up to 480 pages per black cartridge, up to 330 pages per color cartridge (5% coverage).

Ø  Compatible with HP printer models & more than suitable for any printing operation.

Ø  Easy to install with highly pleasurable results every time.

Ø  Certified by ISO9001 quality management systems along with being  MSDS certified & approved (meaning that all products meet the highest quality and safety standards on the market).


Installation Method 

Step 1: Gently remove the black or translucent protective film layer.

Step 2: Remove the plastic tape.

Step 3: Correctly place the ink cartridge into the printer.

Note: Avoid touching the chip and the nozzle.


Package Information

Type 1:  1 Black/1 Tri-Color replacement Ink Cartridge/An Instruction Manual

Type 2:  1 Black replacement Ink full Cartridges/An Instruction Manual

Type 3:  2 Yellow/2 Magenta/2 Cyan replacement full Compatible Ink Cartridges/An Instruction Manual

Type 4:  1 Yellow/1 Magenta/1 Cyan replacement full Compatible Ink Cartridges/An Instruction Manual