HP 202X/CF500X Fully Compatible Toner Cartridges



JARBO strictly select suppliers that meet the rigorous standards for manufacturing the top toner cartridges. After thorough testing, JARBO's HP 202X/CF500X fully compatible toner cartridges will perform to the highest standards on any type of printouts (such as text, graphics, etc.). It has the advantage of preventing fading, staining, and smearing, which can deliver vivid and clear images and text. JARBO always does its best to ensure that each toner cartridge will work properly and meet any printing needs. Starting from the moment of purchase users will receive lifetime high-quality customer service. For any issues feel free to contact the JARBO customer service team, but we're sure calls will be in regard to how wonderful the new JARBO printing solutions are.

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HP 202X toner cartridges



Ø  A dynamic and smooth printing process offering clear and legible text.

Ø  The ability to deliver durable color photos that resist fading and last a long time. 

Ø  Wonderfully reliable, more pages, and amazing value, up to 3,200 Page (202X black toner) and 2,500 Page ( 202X color toner).

Ø  Compatible with HP printer models & more than suitable for any printing operation.

Ø  Easy to install with highly pleasurable results every time.

Ø  Certified by the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality systems management (meaning that all products meet the highest quality and safety standards on the market).


Installation Method 


Step 1: Shake 6-8 times to loosen the toner before using

Step 2: Take off the orange ring and plastic tape gently

Step 3: Remove the orange protective cover 


Package Information

1 Black/1 Yellow/1 Magenta/1 Cyan fully Compatible Toner Cartridges/An Instruction Manual