Introducing Jarbo Inkpilot & Jarbo Blog

Oct 20, '20

Today, we are excited to announce that Jarbo Inkpolit and Jarbo Blog are now up and running.

Jarbo Inkpilot is a program that encourages consumers to share their authentic experience about Jarbo ink & toner cartridges, whether or not it is favourable, by providing selected participants with free products.

This program also helps shoppers to make smarter buying decisions with unbiased and honest reviews available for reference.

Jarbo Blog is a place where we keep you updated on the latest news and stories from inside Jarbo and users all around the world can share their experience with Jarbo, tips at work and career stories.

We hope that Jarbo Inkpilot and Blog will let us get closer to you and you get closer to us, too.

The Jarbo Team


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