Brother DR630 Drum Unit Review

Dec 3, '20

Brother DR630 is compatible with the following printers.

Brother HL-L2300D, HL-L2305W, HL-L2320D, HL-L2340DW, HL-L2360DW, HL-L2380DW; DCP-L2520DW, DCP-L2540DW; MFC-L2680W, MFC-L2685DW, MFC-L2700DW, MFC-L2720DW, MFC-L2740DW.

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Brother DR630 Compatible Drum Unit Review Prints alot of pages, has longevity. No engineered obsolescence, because it really works! There are many copycats out there but this Brother DR630 Compatible Drum Unit takes the cake! I'm very satisfied with this unit. It fits my printer exactly, there are no leaks. But it's also fragile. No streaks, great value and concise outputs. Flawless and on point, exceeded my expectations. Very happy with it and I highly recommend. Works perfectly on test runs. Thank you Jarbo!

J. Leitson

Jarbo replacements in my brother laser acts as OEM replacement, no ongoing errors, counters reset!

There are LOT of generic toner and drums on Amazon. I have a brother 2740 laser for many years. My 1st 2 purchases of generic brand (non Jarbo) toners worked, but...the printer refused to recognize them, to reset counters or to clear errors. Very annoying. Then I bought the JARBO toners, expecting the same. Except they worked flawlessly, no errors, counter reset, cartridge recognized correctly. Plus low cost and high counts. Then I bought more and more, same great success. So...when I finally needed a DRUM UNIT, I did look at choices, but there was no question that JARBO had earned my trust and business. So far same grest results, generic recognized, errors and counters rest correctly. Obviously you expect this of any genetic, but so many fail. Sometimes JARBO cost was a few dollars more, sometimes less, sometimes a lot less. But, based on my experience I now search this brand out first and unless it's dramatically more, I go out of my way to buy them. When you find a trusted generic brand, that the printer treats like OEM, you don't shop around, you go with what is a known success. Not only do they exceed my expectations for value, but when the printer thins they are OEM, that's a huge deal. Whatever they doing in generics, they are doing it right.


Excellent Replacement Drum for the Price

Need a new drum? Pages not coming out as expected? streaks on the papers? You need a new drum. OEM drums can be extremely expensive and overpriced. This drum is excellent for the price, prints like a drum and flawless laser quality prints. The quality is sharp as a honed blade. I highly recommend this product and it goes on pages after pages and after pages. I have been using this brand for some time and the quality is extremely well built for the money. It is highly recommend to change drums after 5K pages and this will deliver many prints for your needs and you cant beat the price. Highly recommend and very fast shipping! No need for Staples prices! :)

The Landons

Works great in my HL-L2340DW

I've purchased JARBO products in the past, and when I needed a new drum unit for my Brother HL-L2340DW I knew I really didn't fancy spending almost $100 for a "genuine" brand-name drum unit... And true, it's not really taking a chance when you trust a brand, JARBO is good quality at an actual fraction of the cost, so when I needed to replace the drum in my HL-L2340DW I sought out JARBO once again. They did not disappoint. I replaced the drum and it works so flawlessly there's almost not much to say about it. If you're on the fence about purchasing, don't be. The product is reliable and cheap. I stick with a brand when I like what it offers, and this brand has made a long-term customer of me! Would repurchase, and I think that's the ultimate testament to a product's quality.

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